Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo

Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo

  • Style: Traditional Strong Ale
  • Alcohol Content: 8.0% ABV
  • Country: England

Samuel Smith Yorkshire StingoStingo is a traditional style of strong ale that originated in the north of England, and Samuel Smith’s Stingo melds this fine brewing tradition with the signature elegance of the brewery. Brewed from
an array of British specialty malts and multiple hop varieties, it’s then aged in oak barrels that previously held cask-conditioned ale. Some barrels at Samuel Smith’s are over a century old: the coopers just
replace broken staves and put them back in service.
Bottle conditioning – that is, packaging the beer with live yeast – produces soft conditioning, a fruity aroma and finish, and allows Stingo to age and develop in the bottle for many months.

Tasting notes:
Samuel Smith’s Stingo shows rich, superb flavours of toffee, raisin, dried fruit, and caramel; waves of flavour ascend and ebb leaving soft oak notes and satisfying fruitiness from bottle-conditioning. A rare and amazing first-class beverage.

Serving Suggestions:
Stingo is beautiful served alone as a digestif, but it tastes great with beef, wild game, or demanding, deeply flavored foods like pickled fish or strong aromatic cheeses. Try with cured meats,
Kalamata or Niçoise olives, or mackerel sushi.

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