Chimay Triple on tap

Chimay Triple on tap


  • Taste : Fruity touches of muscat and dried raisins. A great freshness followed by a pleasant bitter aftertaste.
  • Type of foam : Fine and unctuous.
  • Alcohol content : 8% alcohol by volume
  • Country: Belgium


The Chimay Triple on tap is produced by the same method of double fermentation. A first fermentation develops in the vat. The second takes place spontaneously in the heart of the cask, once it is filled and kept in the fermentation cellar for at least 21 days. This second fermentation permits the fulfilment of the entire equilibrium necessary among the aromas, alcohol, and unctuous foam. The Chimay Triple on tap is enjoyed in a 250ml Chimay beer glass especially planned for the cask. It is enjoyed ideally between 4° and 6° C.

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