Höss Bier Doppel-Hirsch Bock Beers

Doppel-Hirsch Bock Beers


  • Style: Doppel Bock
  • Alcohol Content: 7.2%ABV
  • Country: Germany

The strong ones with a centuries`old history

The origin of this beer specialty dates back to the 13th century. It was a luxury product during the Middle Ages and it was exported in an area ranging from North Germany to Italy.

The beer needed to be preserved and this was achieved with a high wort content. In the 17th century, this beer started on its march to success in Bavaria. Italian monks, who founded a monastery in Munich, were only allowed to consume liquid food during lent. Their ingenious solution: they brew Bock beer. This beer was very high in calories and therefore had a welcome filling and fortifying food. As a result, they brewed beer in large quantities, which was then also served to the public in the cellar and garden of the monastery. First as a Dunkles during the winter, and then also as Helles in the spring. Since that time this tradition has not been changed, except that these beer specialties can now be brewed all year with today’s technical possibilities.

Double Bock Beer
The strong one. The Dark soul with a celebratory spirit. This noble but traditional beer, brewed with at least 75 % dark malt, captivates the palate with its distinctive malty flavour. Full-bodied, mellow and velvety taste, with light hop bitter.

Original wort 18.5° Plato, 7.2 % vol. alcohol


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