Höss Bier Holzar

Höss Bier Holzar

  • Style: Special Dark Beer
  • Alcohol Content: 5.2%ABV
  • Country: German

Authentic old-time Allgäu-style

Down through the centuries, the Hirschbrauerei has supplied the country folk of the Allgäu – particularly the lumberjacks known as “Holzar” – with a special beer. Darker in color, stronger in taste than today’s beers, and brewed only in winter.

The favorite haunt of these rugged fellows was not only the forest, but the tavern. In their honor, this “liquid bread” was soon given its own name by the populace: “Holzar Bier”. Also a unique feature of that day was the flip-top bottle.

That made it easy to take along the “power potion”, because the opened bottle could not spill. Machines and modern technology have since simplified the heavy labor of the lumberjacks, but we continue to brew their favorite beverage in the grand old tradition.

A tribute to a rugged breed
An original old Allgäu brewing specialty.
Amber colored, bottom-fermented Export beer. Pure, full-bodied, hearty, with a light malt aroma and the taste of dark brewing malt with well-rounded bitter touch.

Original wort 12.6° Plato, 5.2 % vol. alcohol


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